Alan Rick Temby
Alan Rick Temby

About Al

Al Temby is THE Drill Designer with over 40 years experience!

• Performed with the 32nd Hussars and Madison Scout Drum and Bugle Corps, aging out in 1975 with a World Championship!
• 12 years of experience teaching Color Guard programs (including the Madison Scouts)
• Drill Designer since 1978
• Written for many drum corps including The Colts, Skyriders, The Blue Stars, Emerald Knights and Florida Wave.
• Designed for hundreds of successful Marching Band and Drum Corp programs at all levels of achievement
• More than 32 1st Place Finishers in State Championship Competition
• Over 50 top 3 Finishers in Indiana
• In 2017 Al worked with 25 High School and College Marching Band Programs (as a designer and as a teacher)